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General info about Radio Frequency & Microwave EMF/EMR Home Protection

 Before you start to order and use our EHS GEAR, it is highly recommended to get an RF/MW/ELF EMF meter. The EMF meter will enable you to measure the RF/MW and ELF levels in your house before, during and after the EMF protection process is done. 
It also goes without saying that before using our EHS GEAR you have stooped using cellphones, smart phones and wireless devices.

Out most recommended Home Use EMF meter is the CORNET ED88TPLUS(04-2018)


Our EHS GEAR was designed to fit my needs (Amir Borenstein - I am an EHS person as well) and to allow me to function better for longer.  I use most of these products myself on a daily basis. I use a screen film on my PC monitor. I use Cable sleeves over my HDMI, USB and Net cables. I use the Case caver to rap my internet switch. Many of my customers use the Blanket/sleeping bag (not just to sleep in, also to cover themselves while traveling). 

In addition I wear RF Protection Clothes and Hats (I wear a Jacket and a scarf when driving the car and I wear hats all the time, even in the house).

However the Canopies are a very tricky products. You need to select the right fabric (I recommend Naturell, and the right size. You need to first brings the levels down in any other means. Some of my customers reports they can be inside. Other report it saved their lives. The canopies are the last item you should get (last resort), they are expensive and once ordered there is no money back guarantee, so please keep this in mind.

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