The New CORNET ED88Plus

New features (over the ED88T):
New case,
Larger LCD,
Micro USB socket,
Earphones socket,
Light On/Off button, 
Units' button,
Battery strength indication, 
Home use EMF meter.

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 About the CORNET ED88TPlus RF/ELF EMF/EMR Meter

The CORNET ED88TPlus is an improvement of the CORNET ED88T which was our best seller, and the best value for money meter from 2016 to 2017. It has a New caseLarger LCD, USB powered, Earphones socket, Light On/Off button, Units' Button, Battery strength indication. It is expected to be easier to operate and more flexible in usage. It is expected to be one of our best value for money meter for the next year. 

It can measure ELF(Extremely Low Frequency) Electric field (from 10V/m), ELF magnetic field (from 0.1mG) and RF (Radio Frequency) radiation (up to 8GHz) EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation). In RF mode it will show you the frequency of the highest signal (between 100MHz and 2.7GHz), It has audio feedback and audio alarm feature. another improvement is that it can show an average level over the last half a second and in the last 15 seconds(user can select). The  CORNET ED88TPlus is very fast, with 10000 samples a second. This meter can be very useful for most EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive)  as it is very fast, easy to operate, give results in numeric fashion, has an adjustable color led bar, Sound feedback, Battery strength notification, and very importantly has a histogram with 30 last peak measurements(last 15 seconds). Using the histogram can let you find, track and measure RF/ELF sources that transmit only for a fraction of a second every few seconds. Its' ability to measure ELF magnetic field, RF radiation up to 8GHz, and the histogram display make it the best first meter for EHS.

CORNET ED88TPLUS measuring Radio Frequency Radiation

New improved features 

  • Larger LCD
  • USB powered
  • Future feature - monitoring via PC software
  • Earphones socket
  • Light On/Off button
  • Units' Button
  • Battery strength indication

Basic Features 

  • Single Axis  RF meter, mW/m2, V/m, dBm, bandwidth of  100MHz-8GHz
  • Single Axis LFE magnetic meter, mGouse, uT, bandwidth of  40-10KHz
  • Single Axis LFE Electric field meter, V/m, bandwidth of 50Hz-50KHz 
  • Sampling rate: 10,000/sec, display rate 2/sec.
  • Shows the frequency of the highest signal measured if between 100MHz - 2.7GHz.
  • Shows RF Average level over last 0.5 second or of the last 15 seconds (very helpful)
  • Allows you to configure the sensitivity of the LED POWER BAR
  • Adjustable Alarm in RF mode.
  • Hold button
  • Unit Button
  • Internal antenna and sensors.
  • Detailed LCD display
  • Very fast (5000 sampling every half a second).
  • Histogram - shows the radiation levels measured in the last 15 seconds on a graph.
  • Audio feedback (let you hear the RF modulation) 
  • Backlight
  • 9V battery (comes with a disposable battery).
  • 90 days money back guarantee 
  • 1-year warranty 
  • Made in the USA

Recording your RF measurement on a PC

The CORNET ED88TPLUS support a connection to a PC and recording of the RF measurement. This feature is usually available in high-end meters. but now available also on the CORNET ED88TPLUS. In order to operate this feature, you need to connect the meter to the PC via MICRO USB cable (recommended directly to the PC and not via USB Hubs), install the drivers(on USB to UART mode), install and run the software. 

PC Drivers for CORNET ED88T PLUS
Monitoring software from envirosense 


Strong points 

  • Very fast sampling rate- Most important!
  • Both RF and ELF (magnetic & Electric fields) in one cheap meter.
  • RF Frequency meter.
  • Histogram display
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to take with

Videos and pictures of the CORNET ED88TPLUS

CORNET ED88TPLUS measuring Radio Frequency Radiation
CORNET ED88TPLUS measuring Radio Frequency Radiation - RF mode

CORNET ED88TPLUS Measuring ELF Magnetic field
CORNET ED88TPLUS Measuring ELF Magnetic field - LF600/LF30 modes

CORNET ED88TPLUS Measuring ELF Electric field

CORNET ED88TPLUS Measuring ELF Electric field - Efield mode

Quick operational CORNET ED88TPLUS

CORNET ED88TPLUS unboxing and Presentation

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1 year warranty


  • Will show only part of the RF level when measuring multi-frequency sources, or several sources at once (like most RF meters).
  • ELF measurement in only one axis makes it a bit hard to measure.


  • For RF measurement hold vertically 
  • For ELF measurement, measure in X,Y and Z axis.
  • Measure RF and ELF levels.
  • Track and find EMF sources.
  • Find hot-spot and RF penetration to your house.
  • Can detect ELF sources & RF sources like WIFI, DECT, WIMAX, LTE, UMTS, CDMA, GSM, BLUETOOTH, ZIGBEE, Cell phone mast/antenna, Smart meters, Radar, Microwave oven, wireless PC and Tablets, routers and other RF sources 

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More features

  • RF mode from 100MHz up to 8GHz. 
  • ELF mode(LF600) from 50Hz to 10KHz. Up to 600mG.
  • ELF mode(LF30) from 50Hz to 1KHz, very sensitive mode limited up to 10mG (ELF sensitivity from 0.05mG).
  • Audio-sound feedback in RF mode.
  • Adjustable audio alarm in RF mode to levels of  0, -5, -10 ,-15, -20, -25, -30, -35 dBm.
  • Shows Max measured RF value out of the 5000 samples taken every 0.5 seconds.
  • Shows RF Max level since power-up in RF mode.
  • Shows RF Average level over last 0.5 second or since measurement start.
  • Very Sensitive:
    • RF down to 0.0005mW/m2( -60dBm)
    • ELF Magnetic field down to 0.05mG
    • ELF E field down to 10V/m (and up to 1000V/m)

Package contains:

  • CORNET ED88TPlus meter
  • English Manual 
  • 9V Disposable battery (we recommend the use of reachable battery)

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More info and links about the CORNET ED88TPlus EMF meter

Manufacture's data sheet:

Operation mode: Tri-mode of operation
  • (RF mode): High frequency RF Broadband
  • (Gauss mode): Low frequency Magnetic field 
  • (Electric Field mode): Low frequency Electric field 
Frequency range & sensitivity: 
  • RF mode: 100MHz to 8.0GHz 
  • 60dBm to +5dBm, 14mv/m-26v/m, 0.5uw/m-sq to 1.8 w/m-sq 
  • Gauss mode: (1)50Hz to 10KHz (0.1uT to 50uT)/ (1mG to 500mG) ,  (2)50Hz to 1KHz (0.01uT to 1uT)/ (0.1mG to 10mG)
  • Electric field mode: 50Hz - 10KHz (10v/m to 1000v/m)
Frequency Display: 100MHz to 2.7GHz
Signal : Analog RF(AM/FM) and high speed digital burst, RF, GSM, TDMA, CDMA, PCS, Wi-Fi 2.4GH, 5.8GHz, 3.6GHz WiMAX, 3 - 6GHz Ultra-Wide-band, 3G, 4G and AC smart meter. AC high voltage power line, Transformer, Motor, Appliance.
EMF Display mode: dBm, mW/m2, V/m, uT, mGauss, MHz.
Display: Graphics LCD multi-digit power level display, moving Histogram, level bar display, color LED segment.
Function: RF power level, LF magnetic field strength, Electric Field strength, signal frequency, Hold, MAX, Peak Average, Average, Sound output, audio Alarm, custom LED level