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MicroAlert2 - RF Alarm
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About the MicroAlert2 RF EMF/EMR Alarm

This small meter can be easily carried around by an EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) person in his pocket or bag. It will alert (loud, noticeable, beeping noise) the EHS person whenever a strong source of RF radiation, like a GSM mobile phone, is transmitting next to him. The level in which the MIRCROALERT 2 will start beeping is adjustable by a small knob. I use it daily, and carry it with me at all times since the GSM phone signal makes me feel bad even from a 10 meter distance. This small meter alerts me even before I start to feel bad, make it possible for me to identify the person who uses the GSM phone next to me and to get some distance between us.


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Video review of the MICROALERT 2

MicroAlert2 - RF Alarm

MicroAlert2 - RF Alarm
MicroAlert2 - RF Alarm


  • Alert the user about strong RF signal that exceed the background level.
  • Most effective between 100MHz-3GHz
  • Very sensitive (below 0.001mW/cm2)
  • 3V Lithium type 2032
  • Long battery life (more than a year).
  • 90 days money back guaranty
  • 1 year warranty 
  • Made in USA


  • Recommended For EHS people that as sensitive to GSM signal! 
  • Allow EHS people to identify when and where there is a strong RF signal (before it causes them to feel pain).
  • Very small pocket size
  • Long battery life (3 years)


  • Only voice indication


Click here for  MA2 Instructions  

  1. Turn the meter On by using the On-Off switch.
  2. Turn the sensitivity knob until the meter will start beeping, this means it is set to background level.
  3. Turn the sensitivity knob a little bit back until the meter will stop beeping.
  4. You are set to go, now the meter will alert you on every RF signal above background level.

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