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About the RF EXPLORER 6G COMBO Spectrum Analyzer

This is not an RF meter, the RF EXPLORER 6G COMBO is an RF Spectrum analyzer. An RF meter shows the "overall" radiation level over time. An RF Spectrum analyzer shows the RF signals over the frequency span. The RF EXPLORER 6G COMBO is a low-cost RF Spectrum analyzer for the semi-professional user and for EHS and EMF activists that know their way around RF signal analyzing and need to see the different signals over the frequency span.

In order to operate the RF EXPLORER 6G COMBO, and in order to understand what you are seeing, you need to be familiar with RF signals analysis and some theoretical knowledge about RF and electronics.


Videos and pictures of the RF EXPLORER 6G COMBO Spectrum Analyzer

Basic Features 

  • Frequency Range(span) - 15-2700MHz, 4850-6100MHz
  • Span - For 15-2700MHz =2-600MHz, for  4850-6100MHz=2-85 MHz span
  • Average Noise Level (dBm) -  -105dBm
  • Size(mm) - 113X70X25
  • Weight(grams) - 185g
  • Antennas Included - NA773, Whip 2.4G, R Duck 5.8G
  • Automatic Peak detection with amplitude and frequency values
  • Screen Marker modes - Peak, None, Manual,
  • Calculator: Max Hold, Normal, Max, Average, Overwrite 
  • 90 days money back guaranty
  • 1-year warranty 

More Features 

  • Amplitude Resolution (dBm) - 0.5
  • Automatic RBW (KHz) - 2.6-812
  • Graphics LCD (pixels) - 128X64
  • RF Impedance (ohms) - 50 ohms
  • Max Input Power (dBm) - For 15-2700MHz =+25dBm, for  4850-6100MHz= +30dBm
  • Frequency Accuracy - For 15-2700MHz =0.5 ppm, , for  4850-6100MHz=10 ppm
  • Frequency Stability - For 15-2700MHz =0.5 ppm, , for  4850-6100MHz=10 ppm
  • Amplitude Stability-   -+1dBm
  • Amplitude Accuracy - For 15-2700MHz =-+3dBm, for  4850-6100MHz= -+6dBm

Strong points 

  • Small and light.
  • Very cheap in comparison to other RF Spectrum analyzers.
  • Long battery life
  • USB Connection for charging and data transfer to PC.
  • Available software for PC connection and operation
  • Shows RF signals over the frequency span.
  • Fast response rat



Free shipping

1 year warranty



  • This is not an RF meter!
  • Not easy to operate.
  • Need basic knowledge in RF signal analyzing.
  • Max spent is 600MHz, needs 5 sweeps to see all the signals between 15-2700MHz


  • For RF measurement hold vertically 
  • Setup the devices according to your need.
  • Let the device acquire the signal over several seconds.
  • Look at the display
  • Can detect RF sources like WIFI, DECT, WIMAX, LTE, UMTS, CDMA, GSM, BLUETOOTH, Cell phone mast/antenna, Smart meters, Radar, Microwave oven, wireless PC and Tablets, routers and other RF sources 

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Frequency sweep from 15MHz to 2700MHz in 5 steps of 600MHz windows

RF EXPLORER 6G COMBO Spectrum Analyzer

RF EXPLORER 6G COMBO Spectrum Analyzer

RF EXPLORER 6G COMBO Spectrum Analyzer

RF EXPLORER 6G COMBO Spectrum Analyzer

RF EXPLORER 6G COMBO Spectrum Analyzer

6G mode

RF EXPLORER 6G COMBO Spectrum Analyzer

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Sep 17, 2015, 5:37 AM