I think that little cap inside my hat saved my life

posted Sep 23, 2015, 1:54 PM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Mar 16, 2017, 12:34 AM ]
22/09/2015 - L. - France - 

Hi Amirb

I just wanted to offer my feedback on the hat I purchased(RF Protection Australian Hat with S240 Lining (AWH240))...

Great hat, fits well, looks good - the only problem I found was with the shielding material on the brim. I tested a few different ways in places where I always get blasted and found that with the shielding in place my eyes burned and I got that pain in the back of the eyeballs. So, I removed the shielding from the brim... The results?

Well I think that little cap inside my hat saved my life while in the UK for a week (travelling by train among measurements of up to 3.0 vm2 and having an unexpected delay and stay in a hotel room in Paris right opposite a cell tower and with free wifi (measuring 1.5 vm2 on the bed so I had to find a small space on the floor in the least amount of pollution of 0.5 vm2 - still too high for me). I wore it ALL THE TIME i was away, even inside the house (but not in the shower, lol), and didn't get the usual migraine or tightness of the forehead - though I still had the other symptoms from the rest of the body (arythmia, shortness of breath, fatigue, return of the eczema, reduced concentration and blurry vision - not possible to do my usual Sudoku or read my book) which was unfortunately exposed this time. But not having a headache was a big plus!

So all-in-all I definitely recommend the hat insert...but without the brim part!

Feel free to use my quotes on your site.

Warm regards,
L - France

RF Protection Australian Hat with S240 Lining (AWH240)
In the picture - the hat ordered by L.

BC240  - RF Protection Lining for hat
In the picture - a RF protection lining that can be stitched into most hats.