www.4EHSByEHS.com is the internet store of www.norad4u.com
"For EHS By EHS" - A One Stop Shop For EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitive) people and for people who  wish
to reduce their exposure to EMF(Electromagnetic Fields)  
The site is run by EHS people for EHS people
World Wide delivery 

"For EHS By EHS"  a One Stop Shop for EHS

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www.4EHSBYEHS.com is a web site that aims to be a ONE STOP SHOP for EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) people and for people who wish to reduce their exposure to EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation). The site is managed and run by an EHS person.  By supplying information on the specially selected items which we offer, we aim to allow EHS people to easily purchase the best EHS and EMR related items. Some of the items that are being offered on this site are sold or manufactured by a third party with whom we cooperate. Some of the items on this site are sold directly by www.4EHSBYEHS.com and some by third parties.

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Vision of "For EHS By EHS" 

        • To become a one stop shop, a center for EMF measurements, reduction, protection products and tools.
    • To give our customers the best tools to cope with their EHS condition.
    • To supply the right tool, the first time and save our customers money, time, disappointment and suffering.
      • To share our knowledge and experience with our customers so they can help themselves , their loved ones and to because "knowledge hot spots".
    • To increase the number of people in the world that can measure, reduce and protect from EMF radiation.
      • To develop, create and sell tools and equipment for EHS people by EHS people

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Who we are?

"For EHS By EHSsite was created and is being managed by Amir Borenstein, also known as "No Rad" who founded also www.norad4u.com.  Amir has been EHS since 1997 and an activist since 2006. We, at "For EHS By EHS", cooperate with  www.radmeters.com and other leading partners. We all decided to cooperate in this field in order to try and help EHS people around the world with special developed products and techniques. The aim is to create a "One Stop Shop" for EHS people and to allow them to purchase the best items available today. 

When I (Amir B) became an EHS person I found it very hard to buy the right stuff. There were lots of products on the market, and I did not know which one is the right one for me. I  tried lots of products, some helped, some did nothing to me. In 
 "For EHS By EHS"  we will make life easier for you by offering the best products that works for us. We will give you all the impotent details about the product and will accompany you via all the steps until you will be happy with the product.

Picture - Amir B. Owner of www.4EHSByEHS.com 
and a EHS/EMF awareness activist

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Products sold on "For EHS By EHS"

Our Products
 "For EHS By EHS" site we will offer existing and newly developed products that can be used by EHS people. Some of the products were designed by Amir (No Rad) who is an EHS person and who uses these products daily.

Most of the Items sold on this site are developed by us and all of them were tested and are used by us daily. We hope that by using them our 
customers will feel better and will be able to lead a more normal life.  We hope to cooperate with other business and people that are active in the EMR-EHS awareness field.

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Why we are better?

We understand that, since you are an EHS person, your time on the PC is limited. We understand and respect the fact that you can't search for the right product for long hours over the internet. So we will try to help you along the way, redirect you to the products that you really need and offer support in using the products you buy. We will try to make the process of understanding which are the right products for you, as easy and short as possible.  We will create video reviews and explanation clips so you can see, "feel" and learn the products before buying them. 

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We give back!

  • Buying from "For EHS By EHS" allow us to continue the operation of the knowledge-info site www.norad4u.com
  • Buying from  "For EHS By EHS" allow us to continue the our awareness efforts and public activities. 
  • Buying from  "For EHS By EHS" allow us to continue the support of many EHS people around the world.
  • Buying from  "For EHS By EHS" allow us to continue the develop more products at lower cost.

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Buying from "For EHS By EHS" is helping the cause!

Some of the earnings of  "For EHS By EHS"  site will be used for EHS and EMF/EMR (Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) health risk awareness activities. In addition the revenues from  "For EHS By EHS"  site help us devote more time for developing public awareness about the health effect of EMF/EMR and about EHS.