Switching the Paypal forms to English

We have recently (10/2014) been getting reports from clients that the Paypal forms are now in Gibberish. We suspect this is because Paypal have changed their forms to work better with Smart Phone, letting in some design and software bugs.

The below explanation will show you how to change the forms to English in 2 possible payment types:

Option 1 - Pay with Credit Card

Step 1 - on the "View Cart" view, click the "Check Out" button

add to card or view cart buttons

Step 2 - Press the "Pay with a credit card" (green link on the bottom of the screen

pay with PayPal account or credit card

Step 3 - scroll down and open the selection drop down list

Language drop down list

Step 4 - Select "English" and get the English form

select English

Step 5 - Fill in the form, it should not be in English

English form

Pay using your Paypal account

Step 1 - Get the Gibberish form and open the drop down list

Open the drop down list

Step 2 - Chose the "English" language.

Select English

Step 3 - Get the English form

Get the English form

Step 4 - continue to your PayPal account

Thanks for following this guide