We aim to help EHS people around the world, but not just EHS people

Our main objective is to give EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive, also call "Microwave Sickness") people tools to improve their life and cope with the changes ahead. But site sell products that can be used also by people which are not EHS. We recommend all readers, visitors and costumers to do the following steps:

  1. Measure the EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) in their homes, work, car and environment.
  2. Minimize personal use of EMF/EMR emitting devices. 
  3. Use RF/ELF EMF/EMR protection in order to reduce their exposure to EMF/EMR. 
  4. For EHS people, or people that suffer from the health effect of EMF/EMR we recommend using also personal protection.

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Who can benefit from EMF/EMR measuring, EMF/EMR reduction and EMF/EMR protection(home and office protection)?

All people can benefit from the first 3 actions, since EMF/EMR effects us all. Measuring EMF/EMR will show you the radiation which you can't see or smell, and if you can feel it - it usually means that you are already hurt by it. Reduction of use of EMF/EMR sources like cellphones, wireless computers, WIFI routers, wireless modems, 3G/4G/WIMAX and wireless equipment, will reduce your exposure to first hand radiation. Reduction of exposure to EMF/EMR from outside the house and workplace (cell-phone's mast, antenna towers, smart meters) is also possible using EMF/EMR protection.

All the above steps can be done by all of you, and are not limited to people that actually suffer from EMF/EMR exposure. The forth step is reserved to people who do suffer from EMF/EMR exposure. These people can use RF EMF/EMR protection clothes and fabrics to protect themselves from most, or  at least some, of the RF EMF/EMR radiation that is a reality in today's world, almost where ever you go. EMF/EMR blocking cloths are only for people who can feel the EMF/EMR.

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Who can benefit from EMF Personal Protection(RF blocking clothes and hats)?

People who can feel pain when exposed to EMF and that already took several steps to reduce their exposure (measurement, stopped using RF emitting devices and exposure reduction in other whys) can benefit from EMF Personal Protection. People who can feel pain when exposed to EMF/EMR and who suffer daily from EMF/EMR exposure are called EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive people). EHS is a condition in which a person can feel or physically react to any exposure to different (one, several or all) types of EMF/EMR. There are also some other medical conditions and illnesses in which people can also be partially or fully EHS. EMF/EMR protection clothes can also help those people who have other conditions and illnesses that make them also sensitive to EMF/EMR.  

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This is the lists of illnesses and conditions that can also be sensitive to EMF/EMR:

  1. EHS - Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive 
  2. ES – Environmental Sensitivity
  3. MCS/CS – Multi Chemicals Sensitivity  
  4. Lyme disease
  5. Neurological illnesses
  6. CFS - Chronic fatigue Syndrome
  7. TI - Targeted individuals

We serve all, but please keep in mind that the personal RF EMF/EMR protection clothes are meant to help people who suffer when exposed to EMF/EMR and before using them you should first reduce your use of wireless devices and reduce your exposure. 

The team.
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