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 "For EHS By EHS" site was created in order to offer and deliver products to EHS
(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) people and for people how wish to reduce their
 exposure to EMF/EMR (Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation)."
 Voice interview with  http://vimeo.com/84756910
 "This particular manufacturer has a strong customer base as evidenced by the
positive feedback left on their website. All clothes are tested to validate effectiveness
against EMF/RF radiation. For more information"


 Tentatively I have personally bought their product, a baseball cap containing a shield
"shielding 240", marketed by them and made from the silver wire version 29% of
filiato shielding stainless steel (there is also). 
Here are the interesting results of my
testing staff (very basic but eloquent) Product: 
field measuring EMF (in V / m) of a DECT phone base without protection, The simple superposition of the cap has reduced by 50% the measured field"