Do you suffer from headaches when cell phone's antennas and WIFI router are radiating you from above?
Our collection of RF blocking lining and Hats might help you!
Wear it to feel better, for longer time, with less symptoms and shorter recovery time, for EHS people

Before ordering please note:
1. RF Protection Hats and Clothes will not help everyone and not in all conditions
Please note this hat, including the visor is made from our most durable RF Blocking Fabric


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About the RF(EMF/EMR) Protection Patrol Hat 

  • Basic Patrol Hat made out of SHIELDON 240 fabric
  • Code - PTH240
  • Reduce user's exposure to Radio Frequency(RF) coming from above, and sides
  • RF Blocking Fabric - SHIELDON 240
  • Fibers - Metal (50% cotton, 21% polyester and 29% Stainless Steel Metal
  • Color - Blue Jeans
  • Fabric's RF blocking effect = ~99% in a lab  (Frequencies of 10MHz to 3 GHz).
  • Sizes- perimeter
  • S - 55cm-58cm/21.65-22.83 inches
  • M - 58cm-60cm/22.83-23.62 inches 
  • L - 60cm-62cm/23.62-24.4 inches 
  • Hidden Size adjustment Stretching Strap on the Back of the hat.
  • Partial Soft Visor made from RF Blocking Fabric (RF Protection from front + makes it possible to fold the hat into your pocket).
  • Best for use in - In house, outdoor, car, road, street
  • Special offer - Buy 3 Hats for US$95
  • Made in Israel

RF Protection patrol hat

RF(EMF/EMR) Protection Patrol Hat's video demonstration


  • Reduce the RF EMF/EMR exposure from above the user.
  • For heads up to 62cm perimeter
  • Can be easily folded.
  • All hat is made from our most durable RF Blocking Fabric SHIELDON 240
  • Durable and Washable!

 Strong points

  • Reduce the RF EMF/EMR exposure from above, tested and proven (see video).
  • Also the Visor is from RF Blocking Fabric
  • Very durable
  • Can be folded


  • Wear it when in need


  • Wear when going outside or when RF sources are installed above you.
  • Washable 40oC
  • Very Durable


  • Shipped from Israel
  • Tax may be subjected according to your country laws
  • Free Shipping If order is more than $50
  • If order is lower than $50, $5 shipping fees will be added.
  • If Available items will be sent via ECO Post shipping, 1-3 weeks, usually less than 2 weeks delivery time.
  • If ECO POST is not available to your country, the items will be sent via Registered Air Mail with basic tracking, 2-5 weeks.
  • Special Express - EMS - 1 to 2 weeks - US$30 extra

free shipping
Free Shipping If order is more than $50

RF(EMF/EMR) Protection Patrol Hat
Since 2015

RF EMF/EMR Protection Patrol Hat

RF Protection Patrol Hat

RF (EMF/EMR) Protection Patrol Hat

RF(EMF/EMR) Protection Patrol Hat

RF(EMF/EMR) Protection Patrol Hat

RF(EMF/EMR) Protection Patrol Hat

RF(EMF/EMR) Protection Patrol Hat

RF(EMF/EMR) Protection Patrol Hat

RF(EMF/EMR) Protection Patrol Hat