New fabric - double layer, one side with stainless steel fiber/cotton/polyester

Wear it to feel better, for longer time, with less symptoms and shorter recovery time, for EHS people
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About the RF EMF/EMR Protection Sock Hat 

We developed the RF EMF/EMR Protection Sock Cap in order to allow EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) people to wear it over their head, to reduce the exposure of their head to RF(Radio Frequencies
 EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation). The RF EMF/EMR Protection Sock cap is made out of S200 RF blocking Knitter double layer silver yarn fabric (cotton, & silver yarn, at least -~12dB/93% RF Blocking effect). The Sock Cap color is Light Gray-Silver. The Sock Cap is light and very flexible; the fabric is washable and durable(test 15 cycles in a washing machine 40 degrees celsius. The Sock Cap can be worn when you go outside to the street and then can be folded when you entered into a low RF EMF/EMR environment. It can also be worn in side the house, office, car, public transportation and almost anywhere. 

RF Protection Sock Hat

RF Protection Sock Hat

RF Protection Sock Hat

RF Protection Sock Hat