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I want to make a very specific Jacket, how can I do that?

posted Jan 24, 2019, 1:14 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Jan 24, 2019, 1:15 AM ]

Question - I wanted to make a very specific jacket, and I was wondering where I could go to get it made?

Answer - You can order the fabrics from us and make the jacket at your local tailor.
Recommended Fabrics:(01/2019)

S240 RF Blocking fabric
above - the S240

S190 RF Blocking fabric
Above the S190

S200s RF Blocking fabric
Above the S200s

Mobile phone still operate while wrapped in your fabric, How can make sure it works?

posted Oct 8, 2018, 2:30 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Oct 8, 2018, 2:34 AM ]

Q - I have rated my mobile phone with you fabric and I can still call it.
Does that mean that your fabric is not working?

A. - No , it does not mean the fabric is not working but it may mean at least on the the following:
1. You left some gap opened, and some "reception" (radiation from the cell tower) gets inside and allow the phone to receive calls.
2. The level of reception in the place you did the experiment is high, the fabric can block about 98% of it. The raming 2% can still allow the phone to receive calls, then the phone transmit much stronger signal to get to the nearest antenna.
In some conditions, If done correctly and in a low reception area, when you wrap the phone, it should not get any calls and will not be able to connect the network.
As shown in the video bellow (in Hebrew but you can see the effect) the phone lose the network (playing radio via application over the cellular network) when entered inside a RF Protective case made out of the S240 fabric. -

Press the "CC" for english subtitles

The right way to test

The right way to test RF Protection is to have a clean room (with no RF inside). Then put an RF source in it, like a dect phone of a WIFI router. Put the RF meter against the phone or router and measure the RF radiation. Now put the RF Blocking material (it should be at least 4 times bigger than the source and it's antenna) 
This is how it looks when tested against a corded phone -

RF Blocking Fabric S240

Can your products measure and block 5G?

posted Mar 24, 2018, 3:00 PM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Jul 3, 2018, 2:18 AM ]

E.L. - Canada - 03/2018
Q - We are being threatened with the roll out of a 5G technology cell towers/wi fi emitters. My question: 
Do your meters measure this new frequency? 
Can your protection products can block 5G?

Our meters measure Radio Frequency up to the frequency of 8GHz dependenless of the generation of that technology.
5G is a nickname for faster, low latency, smaller size cell, wireless technologies. 
The frequency range of 5G can go up to 300 GHz. 
The mid frequency of up to 5GHz will most likely be used for communication between infustrature to handheld or fixed devices, while the upper band between 20GHz and 300GHz will most likely be used for fixed eye of site, point to point communication. 
Up to now, there is no technical standard for 5G.
What we can find on the market is a bunch of products and technologies that are trying to achieve the "5G vision" or trying to make use of the 5G hip, but their frequency is well below 8GHz.
Around the world we have tryouts and experiments of technologies that one day might be part of the 5G standard. 
For example, according to the 5G vision, in some cities in the USA and EU, mini or micro (small but still powerful) cellular cell antenna are being deployed in the cities. 
As far as I know these antennas are smaller and operating under the concept of small cells as in 5G, some of them are even 'Phased array" but most of them are still 3G(WCDMA) or 4G (LTE) based technology.  Even if some of these new deployments are 5G, they most likely use the mid 5G frequency band of between 3.5 GHz-4.2 GHz.
As far as I know there are no products on the market  right now, that are real 5G.
As far as I know there is no real 5G around where I am, so I can't say for sure the meter can measure t 5G technology. 
General saying, there should not be any problem using the CORNET ED88TPLUS or the ENV RD-10 to measure 5G devices and infrastructure if their emission is between 100MHz and 8000MHz.
The same goes for our personal(hats and Clothes) and home protection, as long as the emission's frequency is in between the frequency that the protection is able to block, it should work fine in 3G, 4G and 5G. 
Please see our meters:
Please see our Hats and clothes
Please see our Home protection product:
I hope this info helps.
Thanks and best regards
Amir Borenstein


How do I know the battery is low on the CORNET ED88T?

posted Dec 20, 2017, 12:12 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad

20/12/2017 - USA
QI want to know how the cornet lets you know the battery is low.I had it on just now, and it went ballistic on the RF setting, then the indicator light on the right, that will show green, yellow or red, got very dim, and it seemed to shut down,Before it shut down, the readings were very high, the alarm was going off, and it did turn back on again.I changed the battery in case it was a 'low battery'.When I turned it back on, the alarm didn't go off, and it seemed to operate normally.How exactly does it tell you it has a low battery?Thanks in advance.

A - "BAT" on the upper left corner of the LCD

The meters show "BAT" on the upper left corner of the LCD, below the "ED88" text, when the battery gets too low.
After that, if the meter is still used without changing the battery, the RF reading might go to 1827 and the alarm might sound on.
After shutting the meter off for a while, it is possible that the battery will recover abit, and that you will be able to work with the meter for couple of minuets.
But them it will go crazy again.
This is very similar to what you describe.
Please see picture below.
Please change the battery, we recommend to use rechargeable.
I hope this info helps
Thanks and best regards
Amir Borenstein

Low bat on the CORNET ED88T

Why can't I use cellphones and wireless devices while wearing RF Protection clothes?

posted Jul 10, 2017, 1:51 PM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Jan 7, 2019, 7:04 AM ]

Q - Why can't I use cell phones and wireless devices while wearing RF Protection clothes?

A - You should not wear RF protection clothes while using cell phones or wireless devices for several reasons:
  1. RF Protection Clothing is for EHS people.
    EHS people should not use cell-phones or wireless devices if they want to get better.
    EHS people should use wired corded phone and computers.
  2. Wearing RF Protection Clothing is a last resort.
     Before buying and wearing RF Protection Clothing is recommended to stop using RF emitting devices.
  3. The RF Protection Clothing will block some of the RF (usually most of it).
    If the user uses a wireless device while wearing it some of the RF will manage to get to the user's body.
    If the user is an EHS he will feel this radiation.
  4. The hats are designed to block RF radiation from the environment, not from devices which are very close to the body. 
  5. While using cellphone next to the head, some of the RF and all of the ELF magnetic field will pass the RF Protection hat and will cause EHS people a headache.
  6. We don't want that cell phone user or wireless devices user will buy our products just so they could silence their conscience.
    There are a lot of other products out there, that are meant for that.
RF Protection Jacket

What is the difference between dB and %, and what is a good number?

posted Jun 28, 2017, 2:29 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Jul 1, 2017, 12:44 AM ]

Q - in the fabrics' RF reduction info, some sites show the reduction effect in dB unit, some in %, your site shows both.
What is the difference between dB and %, and what is a good number?

A - dB is the bumping effect of in logarithmic nature.
It is usually used in professional RF protection since the difference between -0dB and -100 dB is very big. 
The following table is a conversion between dB and %

RF Reduction dB/%
 dB %
 -40dB 99.99%
 -50dB 99.999%
 -60dB 99.9999%

Well I think that measuring in dB is highly misused when it comes to every day RF protection, specially in clothes and hats.
The use of dB units comes from the military and professional world of RF protection, where sometimes you need to go down  -90db or even lower.
In case that you have only one penetration point (happen in the military or professional world but not so much in the real world) then a protection material with -20 db will be better than one with -15db and much better than -10db. 
But in every day world, were there are many penetration points and the installation is usually not perfect, if you pay more for a  -50db (~99.999%), or even -35db(~99.97%) compered to a -25db(~99.7%) or -20db (that ~99%), I think that at-least in some cases it is a waist of money. 

For example, if you protect a car, and you don't protect the front wind shield (since in most countries it is illegal and because it can distort the road view, specially at night) then more RF will come from the front wind shield than the difference between RDF62 and RDF72, and the price for the RDF72 will be double. 

Second example, if you need curtains, and you install the curtains in a way that there are not glue to the wall or window (there is some air between them), then more RF will come in from this gap than the difference between -25dB to a -35db fabric. 

Third example, if you are looking to make a hat, more RF will come in to the head from the places you can't cover, than the difference between a -20db to a -30db fabric.

RF Protection Reduction

Why some people feel discomfort while wearing or using RF Protection?

posted Mar 31, 2017, 4:32 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Nov 2, 2017, 11:03 PM ]

Q - Hi, Amir, I see that you are dealing with some protective fabric... I myself don't like shielding as I feel the other kind of discomfort in Faraday cages and know others who have similar experience... Would like to hear what you say regarding that "other kind of discomfort"... By the way, mice in experimenst also avoid screened rooms.
D.C 31/03/2017

Some people feel discomfort because of several different reasons.
These are the reasons I come across so far:
1. Some are sensitive to the fabric - I think that other then in a hat, the fabric should not be on the skin (not as an undershirt or underwear).  I recommend my costumer to wear the Shirt, Jacket pants and ponchos over normal clothes and underwear/undershirts.
In addition I recommend to my costumers first to test the fabric, by getting the cheapest possible product and see how it goes. I sell RF protection lining/inserts for $15, this product can be a great test product.

2. Some people use the personal protection while still using RF emitting devices -  I recommend/ask not to use the hats and clothes while using wireless device. This first thing you do as an EHS person is to stop using cellphones and wireless devices, not buying protection.

3. Some use RF protection before reducing exposure first - I explain that first you need to stop using the cellphone and wireless devices. then use an EMF meter to find all sources in side the house, keep safety distance from ELF sources, remove all wireless sources, find penetration points of RF to your house and use the RIGHT (!!!) RF protection to block it (lots of people don't understand which protection to use in which situation and how to use it. These people will most likely make mistakes, like protecting the walls before the windows, like using the RF blocking paint inside the house - might cause reflections, or using RF protection at all before removing RF sources from the house. An other mistake is to connect RF protection to the electrical ground.

4. Some people use the protection with no understanding of RF - I explain that the personal protection should be used only to bring relief when exposure to environmental RF radiation such as cellular towers and WIFI routers which are installed above the user, and not for RF sources below the user (the protection is usually opened from below, so the RF that comes from below will enter it).

5. The Blocking effect is not 100%. Some RF will still be coming in from the holes and opening in the design and some people will feel that. So even if the personal protection helps, it will not be 100%. I recommend to try and measure the relief it brings you. For example, without a hat I feel pain (headache) in my living room after 5 minutes. With it, only after 5 hours or more. I can still feel pain after more than 5 hours, but that does not mean the hat is not working.

6. An addition thing might be that in most fabrics (not the one I am using for my hats and clothes) the RF blocking effect will be reduced after several washing. So people will feel worse and worse as they continue to wear the hat or cloths.

7. One more thing, the body creates it own EMF field. So some people will not feel good inside the RF protection clothes if the blocking effect is too great. I feet this too, and when it happens I just open the RF Protection Jacket a little bit. I know that when going to the city with the Jacket I will feel some discomfort after 20 minutes, but without it I will feel worse sooner.

Protection, both personal and house protection is the last step.

wearing RF protection clothes and hats
In the picture - me and my models wearing RF Protection Cloths

Why only Electromagnetic hyper sensitive people should use the hats and cloths?

posted Mar 30, 2017, 12:11 PM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Mar 30, 2017, 12:11 PM ]

Q - 

A - The hat is for Electromagnetic hyper sensitive (EHS) people (Electromagnetic Sensitive people included) that feel pain when around RF radiation sources.
People who do not feel the radiation will not know that the hat is helping them and might use it incorrectly (like when using a cellphone while wearing a hat).
People who are not EHS/ES, will benefit more from exposure reduction, from using an EMF meter, from house protection than from personal protection.

Basic RF Protection Hat for EHS people

Why are you using the SHIELDON 240 fabric in all your hats and clothes?

posted Mar 27, 2017, 5:16 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Mar 27, 2017, 5:21 AM ]

Q - 1. Why are you using the SHIELDON 240 fabric in all your hats and clothes, while there are other RF blocking fabrics that can block better than what the SHIELDON 240 fabric can.

A - The reason is that the SHIELDON 240 is the best fabric we have. It has a good blocking ability, it is very durable and will last for years
The SHIELDON 240 is the most durable fabric we know of.
You can wash it in a washing machine and it will not suffer any reduction in it's ability to block Radio Frequency radiation.
It will last for many years and will require no maintenance.
When you buy expensive RF protection clothes, using the cloths for many years is a big plus!
The SHIELDON 240 fabric has a blocking effect of more than  99% (higher than -20 dB tested for Frequencies of 10MHz to 3 GHz) which is enough for making cloths and hats (more RF will come in from the opening of the hat or cloth, than trough the fabric it self).
Other fabrics may have higher blocking effect, but they are not as durable and after several times you wash them, the blocking effect will go down, sometimes  for more than 50%, sometimes even farther down. 

SHIELDON 240 - Best Radio Frequency Blocking fabric

Will the S240 and S238 block Electromagnetic Radiation

posted Jun 30, 2016, 10:18 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Jun 30, 2016, 10:23 AM ]

Q - Hello I just order 3 of your electric magnetic radiation blocking fabrics (S240 & S238)
Thank you so much, I looked all over the internet for your product needed for electric emf's from using electric appliances I am going to make an apron to protect my upper and lower abdominal areas. Our house is full of emf and wiring issues. But the oven and refrigerator is killing me every time I cook on that terrible electric stove and get very high readings from my meters and also feel the sickness,
burning, pain and urination frequency. I am so thankful to you and your website.
I would purchase any cloths you have as well if they are mostly for electric emf's. We do live near clusters of cell towers too, but the RF's are very low. Please keep me as a life time customer.
J from USA

A - Hello J
Thanks for the worm words about my site.
Thanks for ordering from my site.
The Fabrics you ordered and most of our products are made to block RF-Radio Frequency Radiation. 
Most Electric appliances emit ELF-Extreme Low Frequency EMF radiation, which the fabrics will not block or reduce.
Some Electric appliances emit also RF radiation, but the right way to deal with this emission is to disable the wireless function or changing the appliance to a different model that does not have wireless capabilities and does not emit RF radiation.
We produce RF Protection Clothes and sell RF blocking fabrics but their main goal is to protect EHS-Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive people (as I suspect you are) from RF that is not coming from their house, but from the out side, like for example cell towers.
The first thing you need to do is to disable or remove any wireless device from your house.
In addition please try and see if you have a "smart meter" installed against your wall, these emit high burst of RF radiation.
It will also help me to know which EMF meter you are using to measure the EMF in your house.
Please take a look at the following pages on my info site:
  1. Preview to EMF -
  2. EHS -
  3. Exposure reduction -
  4. EMF protection -
  5. Smart meters -
After reading the above info, please let me know if you still want me to supply the order. 
I hope this info helps.
Thanks and best regards
Amir Borenstein

S238  S240

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