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How do you test the fabrics you sell?

posted Aug 18, 2019, 9:30 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Aug 18, 2019, 9:37 AM ]
Q - How do you test the fabrics you sell?

A- We test most of the fabric we sell (other than YShield's fabrics)  in several cycles:
1. We check the supplier datasheet to make sure his tests and characteristic are suitable for our needs.
2. We test the ability of the fabric to block RF, with a CORNET ED88TPLUS (or similar) fast RF Meter, against a home use DECT phone base station, when new and after several laundries, cycles to make sure the fabric can be washed in a washing machine with regular laundry soap.
3. We test the fabric's ability to block RF radiation, over the frequencies between 300MHz and 5000MHz,  in a special RF Testing Cage we have developed and built in the last few years.
The meter used is the CORNET ED85EXS PLUS, and the source is an RF EXPLORER GENERATOR.
Since these tests are done with non-professional equipment we call it "RF DEMO TEST" 
4. We then update the fabrics' products page on this site with the following info:
  • We state if the fabric is washable
  • We state the manufacturer's RF attenuation test outcomes.
  • We state our Demo test results summary for the fabric, including a picture from the test report with the attenuation graph over frequency
  • We Link to the full Demo test results report, so our customers can see the full results. 
5. When we make a product out of these fabrics, I use them myself to make sure they are working.

Please see the following video with the explanation about our special built RF TEST CAGE

Our speciali built RF testing cage

Our RF TESTING CAGE opened with fabric ready for testing