Q - Dear Friends,
I suffer from WIFI signals from my apartment neighbors as well as pain if very close to cell phones.
I used a cell phone extensively for 20 years but cannot put one to my ear now without getting pain.
I was wondering if one of your hats RF (EMF) Protection Legionnaire Hat would stop the signals to my ears while sitting on my couch watching TV.  As well my ears get red and are hot when these signals are coming into our apartment.
Thanks for answering me.  I would like to order right away if you think it might help you.


Hello and thanks for contacting us at www.4EHSByEHS.com
EHS - It seems that you are an EHS person , like myself ( please see my info site - http://www.norad4u.com/ehs ).
Hats - Yes, Our line of RF Protection Hats should help you feel better when the RF radiation is coming from you neighbors, from cell towers, from WIFI routers and RF sources installed above you. 
I wear the RF protection hats all day long, including in the house and it helps me a lot.
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What more can you do?
In addition I recommend to get an EMF meter and start searching for RF/ELF sources inside the house, and penetration points where from RF and ELF are getting into your house.
RF sources that are found should be removed and changed to wired equipment.
ELF sources that are found should be kept at a safe distance from you, and unplugged form the electric socket when not in use.
RF/ELF penetration points should be blocked and protected.
Please see our info site for more info:
I hope this info helps.

P.S. -  you should not use cellphones or any wireless devices any more. 
Most EHS people report pain on every use.

RF Protection Legionnaire lining