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Why some people feel discomfort while wearing or using RF Protection?

posted Mar 31, 2017, 4:32 AM by Amir Borenstein, No Rad   [ updated Nov 2, 2017, 11:03 PM ]
Q - Hi, Amir, I see that you are dealing with some protective fabric... I myself don't like shielding as I feel the other kind of discomfort in Faraday cages and know others who have similar experience... Would like to hear what you say regarding that "other kind of discomfort"... By the way, mice in experimenst also avoid screened rooms.
D.C 31/03/2017

Some people feel discomfort because of several different reasons.
These are the reasons I come across so far:
1. Some are sensitive to the fabric - I think that other then in a hat, the fabric should not be on the skin (not as an undershirt or underwear).  I recommend my costumer to wear the Shirt, Jacket pants and ponchos over normal clothes and underwear/undershirts.
In addition I recommend to my costumers first to test the fabric, by getting the cheapest possible product and see how it goes. I sell RF protection lining/inserts for $15, this product can be a great test product.

2. Some people use the personal protection while still using RF emitting devices -  I recommend/ask not to use the hats and clothes while using wireless device. This first thing you do as an EHS person is to stop using cellphones and wireless devices, not buying protection.

3. Some use RF protection before reducing exposure first - I explain that first you need to stop using the cellphone and wireless devices. then use an EMF meter to find all sources in side the house, keep safety distance from ELF sources, remove all wireless sources, find penetration points of RF to your house and use the RIGHT (!!!) RF protection to block it (lots of people don't understand which protection to use in which situation and how to use it. These people will most likely make mistakes, like protecting the walls before the windows, like using the RF blocking paint inside the house - might cause reflections, or using RF protection at all before removing RF sources from the house. An other mistake is to connect RF protection to the electrical ground.

4. Some people use the protection with no understanding of RF - I explain that the personal protection should be used only to bring relief when exposure to environmental RF radiation such as cellular towers and WIFI routers which are installed above the user, and not for RF sources below the user (the protection is usually opened from below, so the RF that comes from below will enter it).

5. The Blocking effect is not 100%. Some RF will still be coming in from the holes and opening in the design and some people will feel that. So even if the personal protection helps, it will not be 100%. I recommend to try and measure the relief it brings you. For example, without a hat I feel pain (headache) in my living room after 5 minutes. With it, only after 5 hours or more. I can still feel pain after more than 5 hours, but that does not mean the hat is not working.

6. An addition thing might be that in most fabrics (not the one I am using for my hats and clothes) the RF blocking effect will be reduced after several washing. So people will feel worse and worse as they continue to wear the hat or cloths.

7. One more thing, the body creates it own EMF field. So some people will not feel good inside the RF protection clothes if the blocking effect is too great. I feet this too, and when it happens I just open the RF Protection Jacket a little bit. I know that when going to the city with the Jacket I will feel some discomfort after 20 minutes, but without it I will feel worse sooner.

Protection, both personal and house protection is the last step.

wearing RF protection clothes and hats
In the picture - me and my models wearing RF Protection Cloths