About the NATURELL RF EMF/EMR Blocking Net Fabric

YSHIELD Naturell is a semi-transparent cotton fabric with silver plated copper fibers. It can block, reflect and divert 99.97% (-35 dB) of the RF (Radio Frequency)/MW(Microwave)   EMF/EMR (Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation)  directed to it. The YSHIELD Naturell is perfect to be sewed into a RF blocking curtain. It is washable, easy for sewing but delicate.  
  • Composition: 82% Cotton, 17% Copper, 1% Silver
  • Weight: 70 g/m2
  • Roll Width: 250 cm 
  • Colors: Ecru-White
  • RF Blocking: 99.97% at 1GHz (-35dB)

All our RF blocking fabrics are cut off a large roll of fabric according to customer specifications. We are sorry, but return of these items is not possible.

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Delivery will be done from the EU using DHL PREMIUM 

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Videos and pictures

RF Blocking Demo - 2016 - https://youtu.be/hqr3n3rizhk


NATURELL RF Blocking fabric at www.4EHSByEHS.com

YSHIELD Naturell

NATURELL RF Blocking fabric at www.4EHSByEHS.com
Amir Borenstein, No Rad,
Nov 2, 2014, 11:32 AM