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About the S190 RF EMF/EMR Blocking Fabric

The S190 is a China made RF Blocking fabric.  The S190 fabric has the composition of cotton, polyester and Stainless Steel metal fibers.  It is a DOUBLE LAYER WOVEN  190 g fabric. One side/layer (the Gray side) includes stainless steel fibers. The other side/layer has no steel in it.  

RF Blocking effect - Fabric's RF blocking effect = 27-37dB according to manufacture data sheet. (Frequencies of 1GHz to 10GHz). But I find the report to be inadequate for presentation, so I tested the fabric myself. 
The fabric was tested by us and showed good RF Blocking effect.
Our tests showed that the RF blocking effect was at least ~96%/-14dB (using CORNET ED88T in front of a DECT Phone 1.8GHz. In most test we have seen even better outcomes).
The fabric does not block ELF magnetic fields from electric cabinets/equipment and power lines).
The fabric was tested again and again and showed good results even after more than 15 londry cycles in a washing machine in 40 degrees cycles, with soap.

The Fabric is durable and it ability to block RF is not reduced over laundry cycles.

  • Composition:  cotton, polyester and Stainless steel metal
  • Weight:190 gr/m2
  • Roll Width:150 cm 
  • Weaving pattern: woven fabric
  • Colors:  One side is Light Gray, the second side it Gray.
  • EMF Screening: Better than -14dB /96%
  • Washable 400

All our RF blocking fabrics are cut off a large roll of fabric according to customer specifications. We are sorry, but return of these items is not possible.

Videos and pictures

S190 RF Blocking Double Layer Fabric

Gray side of the S190 - new
above - Gray side of the S190 - new

Gray side of the S190 after 15 cycles of laundry
above - 
Gray side of the S190 after 15 cycles of laundry