S200S RF blocking fabric - 2 sides

US$160 per linear meter (170cm wide)
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Washable, Flexible, double layer, silver based RF Blocking fabric!

About the S200S RF EMF/EMR Blocking Fabric

The S200S is a China made, DOUBLE LAYER KNITTER RF Blocking fabric.  The S200S fabric has the composition of cotton, polyester and silver yarn.
 It is a 
DOUBLE LAYER KNITTED 200 g fabric. One side/layer (the Gray side) includes silver yarn. The other side/layer(CcamouflageGray has no steel in it.  

RF Blocking effect - Fabric's RF blocking effect = 30-40dB according to manufacture data sheet (10MHz-300MHz). But I find the report to be inadequate for presentation, so we tested the fabric myself. 
The fabric was tested by us and showed good RF Blocking effect.
Our tests showed that the RF blocking effect was at least ~99%/-20dB (using CORNET ED88T in front of a DECT Phone 1.8GHz. In most of the tests we have seen even better outcomes).
The fabric was then tested again and showed good results even after more than 6 laundry cycles in a washing machine in  40-60 degrees cycles, with soap.
Please see test outcomes at the bottom of this page. 
The fabric does not block ELF magnetic fields from electric cabinets/equipment and power lines).

The Fabric is durable and its ability to block RF is not reduced over laundry cycles.

  • Composition:  50% cotton, 20% polyester, 30% Silver
  • Weight:200 gr/m2
  • Roll Width:170 cm 
  • Weaving pattern: Knitted fabric
  • Colors:  One side is Light Gray-camouflage, the second side it Gray (the silver is embedded in this side).
  • Please note that the RF Blocking ability of a piece of clothes is also largely dependable on the design of the application.
  • Washable 400
  • Very Flexible
  • Stretchable
  • Possible applications: Scarf, Sock hat, Hoodie, shirt, delicate cardigan, other.  
  • Made in CHINA
  • Sent from ISRAEL
  • Tax may be subjected according to your country laws
  • Default Delivery: ECO POST - 1-3 weeks if available to your country. To rest of the work Registered Air mail.
  • Special Express - EMS - 1 to 2 weeks - US$30 extra
  • EMF Screening according to the manufacturer's data sheet: -30 to -40 dB across 1GHz-10GHz.
  • Our Demo EMF screening tests between 300 MHz and 5000 MHz in %(dB): 
  • All our RF blocking fabrics are cut off a large roll of fabric according to customer specifications. We are sorry, but return of these items is not possible.

Feedback from Customers 

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Videos and pictures

RF Blocking Demo - https://youtu.be/ZpK3P6FuAM0
Fabric Presentation - https://youtu.be/Oi5K784_uqo

S200S RF blocking fabric - 2 sides

S200S RF Blocking Silver Fabric

S200S RF Blocking Silver Fabric
above - S200S both sides

S200S RF Blocking Silver Fabric
above - New RF Blocking fabric S200S -  the metallic side
S200S RF Blocking Silver Fabric
S200S RF Blocking - The non-Metallic side

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