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About the SHIELDON 240 RF EMF/EMR Blocking Fabric

SHIELDON 240 fabric has the composition of 50% cotton, 21% polyester and 29% metal fibers. It can reduce more than 99% of the RF(Radio Frequency)/MW(MicrowaveEMF/EMR(Electromagnetic
 Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) level in frequencies between 10MHz and 3GHz. The fabric does not block ELF magnetic fields from electric cabinets/equipment and power lines). It weights 240 gr/m2 and It is currently available in Blue Jeans color. 

  • Composition:  50% cotton, 21% polyester and 29%  Stainless Steel Metal
  • Weight:240 gr/m2
  • Roll Width:150 cm 
  • Weaving pattern: Plain weave
  • Colors: Blue Jeans
  • Made in CHINA
  • Sent from ISRAEL
  • EMF Screening by manufacture: more than 99% (higher than -20 dB, tested for Frequencies of 10MHz to 3 GHz)
  • Our Demo EMF screening tests between 300 MHz and 5000 MHz in %(dB): 
    • 0 degrees (outer side to source)- AVR=99.97%(38.51dB), Low=99.80%(27.2dB), Max=99.99%(46.5dB)
    • 90 degrees (outer side to source)- AVR=99.96%(38.3dB), Low=99.77%(26.5dB), Max=99.99%(46.8dB)
    • 0 degrees  (inner side to source)- AVR=99.96%(38.56dB), Low=99.70%(25.3dB), Max=99.99%(46.91dB)
    • Press here for the full demo report....
    • S240 RF DEMO TEST

All our RF blocking fabrics are cut off a large roll of fabric according to customer specifications. We are sorry, but return of these items is not possible.

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  •  Can block more than 99% of RF in frequencies between 10MHz to 3GHz

Strong points

  • Flexible 
  • Can be reused many times, for different needs.
  • Durable
  • Washable 400


  • Apply the SHIELDON 240 on walls as a temp RF blocker
  • Create a fabric applications and clothes from the SHIELDON 240
  • Create RF blocking curtains from the  SHIELDON 240


  • Can be purchased in width of 150cm only and in minimum length of 100cm  
  • Does not block 100% of the RF
  • RF Blocking ability is largely dependable on the design of the application.

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  • US$80 Per running/linear meter
  • Includes Free World Wide Delivery


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