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General info about Radio Frequency & Microwave EMF/EMR Home Protection

 Before you start to protect your house, it is highly recommended to get an RF/MW/ELF EMF meter. The EMF meter will enable you to measure the RF/MW and ELF levels in your house before, during and after the EMF protection process is done. 

Out most recommended Home Use EMF meter is the CORNET ED88TPLUS(04-2018)


RF(Radio Frequency)/MW(Microwave) and ELF(Extreme Low Frequency)   EMF/EMR (Electromagnetic Fields / Electromagnetic Radiation) protection will allow you to protect your home and office from the penetration of Radio Frequency and Microwave radiation or from the effect of ELF-EMF. We offer several types of RF/MW protections like RF/MW blocking paint, RF/MW blocking cloth, RF/MW blocking window films and other RF/MW blocking techniques. We also offer several types of ELF Blocking materials. In most cases, the installation of these protections is not very easy and require technical skills. We will try to minimize this gap and to show you exactly how to use and how to install the RF/MW  and ELF protection but In some cases, you will require to get professional help with the installing and applying of the protection. 

Please note that once the room/house/apartment/office are protected from RF/MW penetration, using cellular and wireless equipment within the room/house/apartment/office will not be a good idea and will probably expose the user and the people within the room/house/apartment/office to high levels of RF/MW.

EMF Protection Process

Our EMF Protection process really on the following basic steps:

  1. Order a Home use fast EMF meter. Using EMF meter is a basic first step in this process. With it, you "see" the radiation, understand where it is coming from, chose the right protection and measure the improvement of every step you do, before, while and after you do it. Without a meter, you are blind to the radiation and guessing your way, sometimes even applying the wrong protection measure in the wrong place and time.
  2. Run EMF measurements - Use the EMF meter to measure RF+ELFM+ELFE, in different hours of the day. Scan the house and search for sources and penetration points. Use the meter to find safety distances from ELF sources, remove all RFR devices from within the house and move back to wired computers and communication devices. Then find the RF/ ELF penetration points to your house so you can use RF/ELF Protection to block the radiation from coming in. 
  3. Analysis and choosing the right protection measure - analysis the outcomes of the EMF measurements. According to the outcomes of the measurements done by you, we will choose the right protection for your needs. For RFR coming from the windows, we recommend using the windows films and/or curtains. For RFR coming from the Walls, we recommend the use of the wallpaper. If the RF levels are very higher, you should consider using several layers of protection, for example, the window's film+curtains, or 2 layers of RF blocking paint+wallpaper over the paint. 
  4. Remove all RFR emitting devices from inside the protected area - There is no scene in blocking the RF from outside and creating RF radiation inside the protection area. In addition, using RFR emitting device within a protected area will increase the RF reflection inside this area. 
  5. Applying for the protection - according to our recommendation and guidance you should apply the protection you got from us. 
  6. We don't charge extra for guidance and explanations - We charge only for the products. We do require you to read and learn the info given to you and follow our guide. This will allow you both to learn to cope with EMF (for future use, if you will need this knowledge again) and to reduce the price of the protection measures.
  7. Our Unique knowledge, experience, and best practices  - during this process we will share with you unique knowledge and experience we have acquired and gained since 2004. For example the important we give to using the right material, reducing the reflections inside the protected area, using proper grounding and trying to achieve very low levels of RF Radiation. The information is included in this site and also on "No Radiation For You" info site - www.norad4u.com . You will be required to read and learn some of it so you will be able to apply it during the protection process and follow our best practices. Our best practice is calibrated to deal also with EHS people. 

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