Network/Computer Cable protection
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This product is for EHS people that stopped using wireless devices

If you are not an EHS(Electromagnetic Hypersensitive) person, most likely that you will not feel this EMF emission from the cables.
In addition, if you use wireless phones, mobiles, and laptops than the RF emission from these devices is 1000000 times or more, stronger than the emission from the wired cables.  So there is no logic in using cable protection if you are not an EHS person or if you still use wireless devices.

Network/Computer Cable protection

Network/Computer Cable protection

Network/Computer Cable protection

Network/Computer Cable protection

Network/Computer Cable protection


The EMF PROTECTION FOR NETWORK/COMPUTER CABLE for EHS people is made out of the S190 RF Blocking fabric.
It is meant to block HIGH and MID FREQUENCY EMF emitted from Network, DVI, HDMI, USB and other computer or network cable.
This EMF is very low and almost unmeasurable, but some of the most sensitive EHS people might feel it.  
The cables should be inserted into the protection.
The cable protection can be grounded using the clips on both ends. 
2 or mode cable protection tunnels\pieces can be connected together to create longer protection by using the clips. 
Made In Israel

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Videos of the Screen Protection film improvisation

Video review of the EMF PROTECTION FOR NETWORK/COMPUTER CABLE for EHS people - https://youtu.be/12D7by1qcVs


  1. Stops the EMF radiation (mainly high and mid frequency) emitted by DVI, HDMI, NETWORK, USB cable.


  1. Could be grounded.
  2. Could be connected to another piece, to make longer protection.


  • None


  1. Insert your cables into the protection.
  2. Ground it to the real ground or floor (not to electric ground).


  • Only 30$ for a 145X6cm size piece 


  • Shipped from Israel
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