The foil
ELF BLOCKING capability of the mcl61
ELF attenuation
RF attenuation of the MCL61
RF attenuation 

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About the ELF EMF/EMR Blocking Mu-Metal

The ELF EMF/EMR Blocking YSHILD MCL61 Foil is a cheap why to block and divert ELF(Extreme Low Frequency) EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation). Similar to Mu-Metal, it is lighter and wider.

  • Composition: Polyester, Co69, Fe4, Mo4, Nb1, Si16, B7
  • Weight: 265 g/m²; Material thickness: 0.1 mm
  • Roll Width: 61 cm 
  • Colors: Silver
  • EMF Screening
    • Attenuation LF magnetic field: 30 dB (97 %); The attenuation depends on the number of phases, cable twisting, the size of the area, etc.; Work in large areas: Shield cables with 1-2 sheets, fuse-boxes with 2-4 sheets;
    • Attenuation HF: 75 dB (not tested yet by us)
  • Permeability: µ 4 = 25,000; µ max. = 100,000; Saturation polarization: 0.55 T
  • Grounding: with special kit if needs to block electric field.
  • Made in Germany

In order to block ELF EMF/EMR fields efficiently either the ELF source should be completely covered or the ELF blocking material should be applied to create a large blocking surface (since ELF magnetic fields tends to work their way around obstetrical).

For example in a case of an Electric meter and fuse box (in Red color) that emit high levels of ELF, the ELF protection(in silver color) should be applied on most of the wall. The only way to know how big the protection should be is to use an ELF EMF/EMR meter before, during and after the protection is applied. If after the installation of the  ELF EMF/EMR bocking protection there is still ELF coming from the side of the ELF EMF/EMR protection you need to put more ELF EMF/EMR protection on the sides (Left, Right, Up and Down). If there is still ELF EMF/EMR coming via the center of the ELF EMF/EMR protection you will need an additional layer of ELF  EMF/EMR protection

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  • Blocks and divert ELF(Extreme Low Frequency) EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation)
  • Thin, flexible and lightweight 


  • Easy to use and install
  • Flexible
  • Light weight



  1. Measure the ELF(Extreme Low Frequency) EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) using an ELF EMF/EMR meter 
  2. Find the ELF hot spot over the wall
  3. Attache the ELF EMF/EMR Blocking YSHIELD MCL61 Foil on top of  the hot spot. The foil should exceed the ELF hot spot location in 0.5m to 1m to all sides
  4. Repeat step 1, make sure the is less or no ELF penetrating the foil
  5. If needed, attached a second layer of the ELF EMF/EMR Blocking YSHIELD MCL61 Foil .
  6. Use the grounding kit to ground the film for better performance.

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