small size US$149.90, Big size US$259.9
RF blocking matBig size RF blocking floor mat

About the RF EMF/EMR Blocking Floor Mat (carpet)

The floor mat is made of RF(Radio Frequency) EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) blocking fabric. It can block RF EMF/EMR radiation coming from below (lower apartments). It can be laid under the bed or under a carpet. When used with a RF EMF/EMR blocking canopy it closes the Faraday cage. 

It comes in two sizes, small (for single bed) and big (for double bed)

It is recommended to tests the RF EMF/EMR levels several times using home use RF meters before buying and using any RF EMF/EMR protection devices. Even after you buy and use the RF EMF/EMR blocking floor mat it is a good practice to test the RF EMF/EMR level every several days.

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  • Delivery will be done from the EU using DHL PREMIUM 
  • Shipped from Germany
  • Made in Germany
  • Tax may be subjected according to your country laws

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The RF EMF/EMR blocking floor mat is available in 2 possible sizes

Small size

  • Width: 150 cm, Length: 250 cm
  • Attenuation 25 dB (99.7 % shielding effectiveness) at 1 GHz.
  • Color: white-gray-light blue. 
  • Cannot be grounded. 

RF blocking mat

Big size

  • Width: 250 cm, Length: 250 cm
  • Attenuation 25 dB (99.7 % shielding effectiveness) at 1 GHz.
  • Color: white-gray-light blue
  • Cannot be grounded. 

Big size RF blocking floor mat

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  • Blocks RF from below apartments

Strong points

  • Blocks RF from below


  • Lay it under your bed.
  • You can put a carpet above it.
  • Should not be grounded.



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