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About the RF EMF/EMR Protection Blanket

We developed the RF EMF/EMR Protection Blanket in order to allow EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) people to use it as a blanket when sleeping and resting. The RF EMF/EMR Protection Blanket is 200cmX150cm and can be fitted into a single blanket lining cover(Put the blanket into a  Blanket lining/comforter cover) or used as a sleeping bag (in this case use a lining/cocoon inside the bag) providing RF protection from both top and bottom.  The RF EMF/EMR Protection Blanket comes with non conductive Velcro on the sides witch allow it to be folded and close into a sleeping bag cover. The RF EMF/EMR Protection Blanket is made out of the SHIELDON 240 RF blocking fabric and comes in Jeans color. The SHIELDON 240 can block 99% of the RF(Radio Frequency) radiation (Frequencies of 10MHz to 3 GHz). The RF EMF/EMR Protection Blanket is vary durable and can be washed in 40 degrees C0

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Videos and pictures
Coming soon - Video review of the RF Protection Blanket

Available sizes

200cmX150cm - single size blanket

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  • Reduce the RF exposure of your body while sleeping.
  • Durable, washable, flexible and easy to fold.
  • Can be folded and closed into a sleeping bag cover (75X200cm)

Strong points

  • Reduce the RF
     exposure of by 99%


  • Blanket
  • Sleeping bag cover
  • RF Blocking mat.
  • Fold it and tack it away when not in use


RF Blocking sleeping bag
as a RF Blocking sleeping bag

RF Blocking blanket
as a RF Blocking blanket

as a RF Blocking sleeping bad
RF Blocking sleeping bad

RF Blocking sleeping bad

RF Blocking sleeping bad

as a RF Blocking blanket 
as a RF Blocking Blanket

as a RF Blocking Blanket

as a RF Blocking Blanket