Wholesale is possible on some of the products that are developed and sold directly by us (please see list below). The prices for wholesale will be based on the number of units ordered from each item. A percentage of wholesale discount (from the prices of the 1 unit) will be given for each product depending on the number of units ordered according to the table below (but not in all cases). 
Better discount rates will be given on hats and lining (price quote per request).
Please note - Delivery cost of wholesale items will be according to their wight, and will be calculated post order.
Please note - Customer should order samples and test them before ordering a large order.
Please note - Wholesale deals do not apply to money back guaranty. Please press here to read our return policy 

 Number of units or
 linear meters ordered
 Wholesale discount from
the price of a single unit
 10-19 10%
 20-49 12.5%
 50-99 15%
 100 and more 20%

Fabric Samples Delivery

Click on the "Order Sample" links in the table to add your needed sample to cart.

Then choose delivery option from below options:

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List of items included

 Item Details Note Picture
 SHIELDON040 RF blocking Polyester-Silver net fabric Order a15X15cm  Sample...
 SHIELDON132 Cotton-stainless steel based fabric  Order a15X15cm  Sample...
 SHIELDON132 RF Blocking Fabric
 SHIELDON138 83% Modal (viscose), 17% Silver fiber The wholesale price for this fabric will be calculated differently since it's price already includes a big discount.

Order a15X15cm  Sample...
SHIELDON138 RF blocking fabric
 SHIELDON225 75% cotton and 24% polyester and 1% stainless steel metal Order a15X15cm  Sample...
SHIELDON225 RF blocking fabric
 SHIELDON238  75% cotton and 24% polyester and 1% stainless steel metal Order a15X15cm  Sample...
 SHIELDON238 RF Blocking Fabric
 SHIELDON240 50% cotton, 21% polyester and 29% stainless steel metal Order a15X15cm  Sample...SHIELDON240 RF blocking fabric
 PONGE Polyester-Nickel based fabric 
PONGE RF blocking fabric
 RF protection Hats & lining Baseball of bucket hast. Lining from SHIELDON040 or SHIELDON240.

 Several types of lining fabric and designs
Better discount rates will be given on hats and lining (price quote per request).
RF protection hat for EHS people
 RF protection Jackets for men Fabric is SHIELDON240 RF protection Jacket for EHS people
  RF protection Jackets for women Fabric is SHIELDON240 
RF Protection Jacket for women
 RF protection Pants Fabric is SHIELDON240 
RF protection Pants for EHS people
 RF protection Shirts Fabric is SHIELDON132 
RF protection Shirt for EHS people
 RF protection Net Poncho Fabric is SHIELDON040 Items are offered to privet customers with discount. Wholesale discount will be given from full price.
RF protection Net Poncho for EHS people
 RF Protecting S240 Poncho Fabric is SHIELDON240 RF Protecting S240 Poncho
 RF protection of small Bottles 3 designs and fabrics selections.
 Prices on product's page 
are already for wholesale costumers
RF EMF/EMR Protection for Small Bottle
 RF Protection Blanket\Sleeping Bag  Fabric is SHIELDON240 RF Protection Blanket\Sleeping Bag
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Fabric Samples Delivery:

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