Return Policy of "For EHS By EHS"

30 days money back guarantee

  1. Return of items will be accepted from private costumers only.
  2. For RF blocking fabricsRF blocking foils, RF protection Canopies, Curtains, RF Blocking Paint, or other materials that are custom cut according to customer specifications, there is no money back guarantee and they can't be returned. 
  3. In case of RF blocking clothes, since 09/2013 we offer 30 days money back guarantee, for private costumers only, if the item is returned unopened and unused and when ordered from our stock. 
  4. This does not apply to special orders of items in spacial sizes or with changes made to the design.
  5. You need to contact us maximum 30 days from the moment the item was delivered (Deliveries are tracked).
  6. The costumer should pay for the return delivery. We ask not to use UPS or other fast expensive delivery systems for the return delivery.
  7. Items should be returned only if they are in new condition (not used, with original package)!
  8. Money will be refunded only after item will arrive back to us.

Items sold by third parties on "For EHS By EHS"

 "For EHS By EHS"  is meant to be a one stop shop for EHS people. However some of the items that are presented in this site are sold, handled, delivered and supported directly by a third parties. In this case, the service for these products is also done by the third party and service and return request should be done directly with the third party. In any case of need we will be happy to assist in the process.

Meters sold by via this site - 90 days money back guarantee. offers 90 days money back guarantee according to their conditions, that may be changed from time to time. Please see for more info..

Meters sold by via this site - 1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty

Items that due to any manufacture error or fault should be sent back to USA or ISRAEL depending on the problem. Customer can contact us or the supplier with details about the problem and we will inform the customer what to do.