RF protection clothing for class


Do you suffer from headaches when cell phone's antennas and WIFI router are radiating you from above?
Our collection of RF blocking lining and Hats might help you!

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Wear it to feel better!
All our RF Protection Hats for EHS people are made of Stainless steel based RF protection fabric which is very durable & washable

RF Protection Lining for baseball hat

BC240 62cm
Normal size lining/Insert

RF Protection Lining for baseball hat

BC240 68cm
size lining/Insert

big RF protection lining for baseball hats

BC240 72cm 
Biggest size lining/Insert

RF Protection Legionnaire lining for baseball hats

Legionnaire lining/Insert

RF Protection lining for Australian hat

Wide edge/brim Hat


Very Basic Hat

RF (EMF/EMR) Protection Patrol Hat

Patrol Hat


Patrol legionnaire Hat

Protection Color Baseball Hat

Color Hat

RF Protection Color Legionnaire Hat

Color Legionnaire Hat

RF Protection Color Legionnaire Hat with Face Cover

LHF240 - legionnaire Hat + Face cover

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About the RF EMF/EMR Protection Hats

General info about our collection of RF Blocking Hats & lining:

It took me several years to develop the  RF EMF/EMR Protection hats & lining (Radio Frequency). I first created several hats for myself, then to friends that were also EHS, and then started to manufacture it in small quantities. The product is improving all the time and the our aim is go delivery a cheap head protection that will allow EHS people to feel more comfortable and less in pain when going outside, driving, working, walking the street and even when staying at home, all with out looking like a spaceman.

Please see our product's limitation chapter bellow (press here)...

The inside lining cloth is a SHIELDON 240 © RF blocking cloth with metal fibers, the SHIELDON 040 © RF EMF/EMR Blocking net fabric with silver coated fibers or the SHIELDON 138 © RF EMF/EMR Blocking Cloth with silver fibers. When wearing it, the hat can protect an EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) person from RF EMF/EMR coming from above; say for example from a cellphone antenna while walking down the street. 

Please note: The hats are for blocking RF(Radio Frequency) radiation coming from above and side(cell tower, wifi routers ,micro cells and other RF sources that are installed above you), not for blocking ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) magnetic fields!
We also recommend to use a Home Use EMF meter, like the CORNET ED88T,  to find and remove all in-house RF sources, find and keep safety distance from ELF sources, find penetration points of RF radiation and use RF Protection to block the RF radiation from coming into your house.

Please see out product's limitation chapter bellow (press here)...

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Measuring your head size:

You should take a measuring tape and put it around your head, a bit above the ears and eyes.
The size measured in the picture bellow is 53.5cm
measure you head size

The Fabrics:

Today we use mainly the SHIELDON 240 © fabric, which is very durable and does not ware off. It is most likely the hat itself will ware off before the SHIELDON inside will. So after the hat will ware off you can remove the inside and sew it to a new hat. In order to make this solution as cheap, compact, easy to use and last for long time.

In the past we used also the SHIELDON 040 © & the SHIELDON 138 © fabrics. Both SHIELDON 040 ©  & SHIELDON 138 © are very delicate and we recommend a 300c hand wash only without any detergents.

Please note that The RF protection layer is stitched to the hat with a visible wire across the hat base, which can sometimes change the hat's look.

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RF EMF/EMR Blocking Hat video demonstration 


  • For EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) people or for people who suffer from RF EMF/EMR exposure.
  • The Hats and Clothes are designed to reduce the user's exposure to RF-EMF from his environment.
  • Should not be worn when using cellphones or other wireless devices(Press here to know why...).
  • Not for use when the RF EMF/EMR radiation is coming from below.
  • You should not put any cellphone or other wireless device inside the jacket, pants, Shirt or their pockets.
  • If you feel any negative effect, stop using immediately. Try again when conditions are changed.
  • RF protective clothing is for EHS people but Some EHS people may actually feel worse when wearing them. 
  • The fabric contains metals, and some may reacts to that, make sure you are not allergic to the type of fabric and fibers. 
  • Some levels of EMR/EMF may get through the clothing and in some conditions. 
  • In addition the clothing can, in some cases, block the body own made EMF/EMR (yes, humans also produce EMF/EMR) and can cause some discomfort.
  • Our line of RF protection clothesHats & fabrics should not be wore while under going X-Ray, MRI, security scanners(X-ray) or any other body scanners.
  • Please remember that EMF protection, and personal protection in particularity, is the final step that should be taking after every other step was done to reduce exposure to the minimum possible.
  • We recommend trying one item first and only then order more items. 
  • Our products are meant to reduce  the exposure of EHS people to Radio Frequency Radiation from the environment  (cell towers from a distance, wireless devices and so on). In some cases the use of our products for lab or military purposes is possible for additional protection when environmental radiation levels comply to safety standards, but the customer is required to test the products himself to make sure the products meet his requirements. In any case the customer will be solely responsible for the use of our products. 
  • Our products are not tested for military or occupational standards and so called safety levels.
  • Never breach radiation safety limits regardless of using or not using those products.

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More info and links

RF protection hats and Lining on www.norad4u.comhttp://www.norad4u.com/emr-protection/rf-protection#TOC-RF-Protection-hats-and-caps .

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  1. Why are you using the SHIELDON 240 fabric in all your hats and clothes?
  2. How do I measure my head size
  3. Why can't I use cellphones and wireless devices while wearing RF Protection clothes?
  4. I suffer from WIFI signals, would the RF Protection hats help?

These are feedback letters I got from costumers

  1. 07/03/2017 - "...I know this fabric was the key to me being able to fly once again!"
  2. 03/11/2015 - WOW - I am so glad to have found something that works so well
  3. 23/09/2015 - I think that little cap inside my hat saved my life
  4. 04/02/2015 - Color RF Protection Simple Baseball Hat with S240 
  5. 05/05/2013 - The Lining arrived in a timely manner - like it "as is"

For more feedback and thank you letters regarding RF Protection Clothes press here...