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General info about Radio Frequency & Microwave EMF/EMR Blocking Fabrics

Before you start to use RF (Radio-Frequency) / MW (MicrowaveEMF/EMR (Electromagnetic Fields / Electromagnetic Radiation) blocking fabrics (or any other ELF protection-shielding) it is highly recommended to do some RF / MW EMF level testing. The RF/MW level testing in places and conditions you are going to use the fabrics will show you the levels you need to block or shield. Then you will be able to choose the right fabric that will be able to do the job and will be able to block the requested RF/MW levels. 

Fabrics that contain metal fibers can block RF/MW Electromagnetic radiation. RF/MW blocking fabrics can be used to create RF/MW protection clothes, can be attached over walls as a temp RF shielding solution, can be sewed into curtains or can be used in other protection techniques. I have been using for years, long sheets of RF/MW blocking fabrics as an easy to deploy RF/MW blocking material by attaching it onto dray and wooden walls. I also used RF/MW blocking fabrics in order to create RF/MW blocking hats which I use daily. These fabrics are washable, durable and can be used for years, again and again. A large piece can be cut and trimmed and can be used for several different needs.

All our RF/MW blocking fabrics are cut off a large roll of fabric according to customer specifications. We are sorry, but return of these items is not possible.

We also recommend to use a Home Use EMF meter, like the CORNET ED88T,  to find and remove all in-house RF sources, find and keep safety distance from ELF sources, find penetration points of RF radiation and use RF Protection to block the RF radiation from coming into your house.

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EMF blocking Shieldon fabircs EMF blocking YSHIELD fabircs EMF blocking PONG fabircs
 SHIELDON(C) RF blocking fabrics  YSHIELD(C) RF blocking fabrics  PONGE RF EMR Blocking Fabric


  • All our RF/MW blocking fabrics are cut off a large roll of fabric according to customer specifications. We are sorry, but return of these items is not possible. Please read more on our return policy here.
  • The fabric contains metals, and some may react to that. make sure you are not allergic to the type of fabric and fibers. 
  • Some types of EMF/EMR, in some levels, may get through the fabric.
  • Our line of RF protection clothesHats fabrics should not be wore while under going X-Ray, MRI, security scanners(X-ray) or any other body scanners.
  • RF/MW protection clothing is not for every one. We suggest you try one item (we suggest to start with a hat) and if you feel an improvement get more items.
  • Please remember that EMF protection, and personal protection in particularity, is not simple, it should be the final step that should be done after every other steps were done to reduce exposure to the minimum possible.
  • We recommend ordering samples, testing the sample and only then order more items. 
  • Our products are meant to reduce  the exposure of EHS people to Radio Frequency Radiation from the environment  (cell towers from a distance, wireless devices and so on). In some cases the use of our products for lab or military purposes is possible for additional protection when environmental radiation levels comply to safety standards, but the customer is required to test the products himself to make sure the products meet his requirements. In any case the customer will be solely responsible for the use of our products. 
  • Our products are not tested for military or occupational standards and so called safety levels.
  • Never breach radiation safety limits regardless of using or not using those products.

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