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About the LED/LCD Screen Protection Film

The LCD/LED Screen Protection Film for EHS people is a simple small size RF blocking film that is cut down to the size of a 19"/24"/27"/32"/37"/40"  PC screen and can be trimmed to fit any PC screen or laptop screen smaller than 19"/24"/27"/32"/37"/40". The idea here is to stop all the medium frequency EMF(Electromagnetic Fields) coming out from the LCD/LED screen from hitting the face and eyes of the user. These EMF cause some EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) people a burning sensation on their skin and eyes. In installed currently, the RF blocking foil will stop the EMF from hitting your face and eyes. This improvisation product allows us to solve you a difficult problem at a small cost.

This product is for EHS people that stopped using wireless devices

If you are not an EHS person, most likely that you will not fill this EMF emission. In addition , if you use wireless phones, mobiles, and laptops than the RF emission from these devices is 1000000 times or more, stronger than the emission from the screen it self.  So there is no logic in using the film if you are not an EHS person or if you still use wireless devices.

New Material - 01/2017
The new materiel has less reflection, better protection and a bit darker (not noticeable when backlight on, the material we used up to now had 50% light penetration, the new one have 35%).

Personal note - I myself, use this film on my screens, during day time ( I have 2X24" screens, 1X27", and 1X40" screens in my house with this protection), and it allows me to work more time in-front of the screen.

Made In Israel

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Videos of the Screen Protection film improvisation


  1. Stops the EMF radiation (mainly mid frequency) emitted by screens from hitting the user face


  1. Cheap
  2. Does the job, less skin burn, less pain in the eyes

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Screen Protection Film

Screen Protection film