Wear it to feel better, for longer time, with less symptoms and shorter recovery time, for EHS people
Prices include free shipping
All our RF Protection Cloths for EHS people are made of Stainless steel based RF protection fabric which is very durable & washable
RF Protection Ladies Jacket - LS240
RF Protection Jacket for EHS people
Long RF Protection Jacket for men

RF Protection Army style pants
RF protection shirt

RF Protection Net Poncho for EHS people
RF Protection S240 Poncho

All Prices include Free World Wide Delivery!!!

General info about Radio Frequency & Microwave EMF/EMR Protection clothing

 EMF/EMR(Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation) protection clothing (mainly for RF/MW, not for ELF magnetic fields) are currently very rare to find and are usually very expensive. In the past few years we have been trying, testing and developing different solutions of personal RF/MW protection ware. Now we present our line of personal RF/MW protection ware that was created in order to allow EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) people to live, work and travel in today's world, of high RF/MW radiation levels, more freely and with reduced exposure.

Please note that RF/MW protection clothing does not block all the RF/MW from all directions, but it can reduce the exposure of an EHS person. When wearing the RF/MW protection clothing you must avoid using or carrying any RF/MW emitting device (e.g. using cellphones).

We recommend using these RF/MW protection clothing by EHS people only, since EHS people will be able to feel the improvement that the exposure reduction will bring. RF/MW protection clothing is not for people who use RF devices. Press here to know why...

We also recommend to use a Home Use EMF meter, like the CORNET ED88T,  to find and remove all in-house RF sources, find and keep safety distance from ELF sources, find penetration points of RF radiation and use RF Protection to block the RF radiation from coming into your house.

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  • The RF Protection Clothes are for reducing user exposure to RF(Radio Frequency) radiation coming from it's environment, not for blocking ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) magnetic fields!
  • Some of the RF/MW protection clothes are currently manufactured upon order and per request.
  • The cloth for all these items is cut, trimmed and stitch, especially for every customer. If an item is specially ordered (not from stock) we can't offer money back guarantee for this item. For Hats, Jackets and Pants that were ordered from out stock we do offer money back guaranty. Please read more on our return policy here.
  • For EHS(Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitive) people or for people who suffer from RF EMF/EMR exposure.
  • The Hats and Clothes are designed to reduce the user's exposure to RF-EMF from his environment.
  • Should not be worn when using cellphones or other wireless devices(Press here to know why...).
  • Not for use when the RF EMF/EMR radiation is coming from below.
  • You should not put any cellphone or other wireless device inside the jacket, pants, Shirt or their pockets.
  • If you feel any negative effect, stop using immediately. Try again when conditions are changed.
  • RF protective clothing are for EHS people only but some EHS people may actually feel discomfort when wearing them. 
  • The fabric contains metals, and some may react to that. make sure you are not allergic to the type of fabric and fibers. 
  • Some types of EMF/EMR may get through the clothing and in some conditions may cause problems. 
  • In addition the clothing can in some cases block the body's own EMF/EMR (yes we as humans also make EMR/EMR)
     and can cause discomfort.
  • Our line of RF protection clothesHats fabrics should not be wore while under going X-Ray, MRI, security scanners(X-ray) or any other body scanners.
  • RF/MW protection clothing is not for every one. We suggest you try one item (we suggest to start with a hat) and if you feel an improvement get more items.
  • Please remember that EMF protection, and personal protection in particularity, is the final step that should be taking after every other step was done to reduce exposure to the minimum possible.
  • We recommend trying one item first and only then order more items. 
  • Our products are meant to reduce  the exposure of EHS people to Radio Frequency Radiation from the environment  (cell towers from a distance, wireless devices and so on). In some cases the use of our products for lab or military purposes is possible for additional protection when environmental radiation levels comply to safety standards, but the customer is required to test the products himself to make sure the products meet his requirements. In any case the customer will be solely responsible for the use of our products. 
  • Our products are not tested for military or occupational standards and so called safety levels.
  • Never breach radiation safety limits regardless of using or not using those products.

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Thank you letters

From B.S. - USA 01/2015

I have Lyme Disease and EMR makes me feel sick. This jacket has helped immensely. The only issue with it is that it is hot when I'm sitting inside and will be hot this summer outside. Will you make short sleeved shirts or vests in the future? A vest in the S240 material would be my first choice...
...I would like people with Lyme Disease to know about your products. You should do a Google search and read about how important it is to avoid "electrosmog" (EMR) when you have this disease.


From J.B. - CANADA 12/2014

Hi Amir;
I just love your clothes I have purchased from your company. They work very well at blocking microwaves. I now can go to the stores once a week, rather than hide in my home like a recluse. Thanks so much for your dedication to this huge worldwide problem .
I would like to order again;
Thank you so much Amir.

Need help? Have a question?

Q&A about RF protection clothing

RF protection clothing for class

Q - I suffer from symptoms (fatigue) when close to  a router or laptops with WiFi. 
I might soon have to spend some hours in a classroom with Wi-Fi - and possibly students that connect wirelessly to the router. I wonder if this shirt would reduce the radiation on me in such a classroom...?

A - The RF protection clothes will help, to some extent, depending on the type of fabric, on the location of the RF source and on the level and type of the person sensitivitiesIf there is only one WIFI router and if it is installed on the ceiling or upper part of the wall, then an RF Protection Hat and an RF Protection Jacket or an RF Protection Shirt will help. If the class is full with cellphones, tablets and wireless laptops, then it is more hard to say. The idea should be to avoid such environments.

Work in a room with many wireless devices

Q - I would like to purchase protective clothing, because at work in a room with very bad reception almost 50 people use smartphones and tablets.My home is more or less safe and I'm avoiding EMF as much as I can.

A - I use the RF protective clothing mainly for going in the street and driving my car. I try to avoid being next to people who use cellphones and other wireless equipment.  When I worked in a high-tech environment (where people love their cellphones and wireless gadgets and where WIFI and cellphone antennas were hidden in the ceiling) I used to wear my RF Protecting Hat all the time, in some cases I also wore an RF Protection JacketIf you are new to RF protective clothing I suggest that you start with an RF protecting hat.  After wearing the hat for a while, you can try also the RF Protection Jacket and RF Protection Pants.

Why can't I use cellphones and wireless devices while wearing RF Protection clothes?

A - You should not wear RF protection clothes while using cellphones or wireless devices for several reasons:
  1. RF Protection Clothing are for EHS people. EHS people should not used cellphones or wireless devices.
  2. Wearing RF Protection Clothing is a last resort. Before buying and wearing RF Protection Clothing is recommended to stop using RF emitting devices.
  3. The RF Protection Clothing will block some of the RF (usually most of it). If the user use a wireless device while wearing it some of the RF will manage to get to the user's body. If the user is an EHS he will feel this radiation.
  4. We don't want that cell phone users or wireless devices user will buy our products just so they could silence their conscience. There are a lot of other products out there, that are meant for that.